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Ecosolvant Printers

The most advanced large format printing machine comes with an updated technology and precise performance. Its printing plate has built-in heating system. The machine has a structured design to ensure superior performance. Its dual inlet ink supply system guarantees su cient ink supply in high speed printing. Machines auto temperature compensation function in Print Heads adjusts the print head s voltage automati- cally to facilitate smooth ink-jetting.

Technical Parameters

Model CD-E562
Printhead Epson DX5 micro piezo and stainless steel cartridge.
Resolution 1440dpi
Number of printhead 1
Number of nozzles 1440(8*180)
Colors CMYK color gamut 16.7million
Media width 1920mm
Printing width 4pass/6pass/8pass 15sqm/h;10.5sqm/h;7.5sqm/hInk
Types Water-based; eco solvent-based; thermal transfer color management ICC based RIP
Software MAINTOP5.3
Computer system Windows XP Interface USB2.0
Heating system 3 sections heating part
Feeding method roll to roll
Leaf Humidity 40%-70%
Dimension L/W/H:2600*700*500mm
Weight 240Kg

Product Features


Imported dual direction motor from Japen, high-resolution driver linear encoder, higher resolution, fewer erros in length, more stable running.


USB port more convient, high- est speed 480m/s, and it offers network interface for printing in different places.


Epson DX5 cartridge technology 8*180 nozzles,achieve 1440 DPI high-resolution output.


Eight large ink boxes provide ink durably, keeping wide format high-speed printing wonderfully.


VSD variable dot technology, smallest droplet is 3.5 pl, largest droplet is 27pl, achieve the perfect printing.

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